Brook Cherith Ministries

Dr. Larry W. Montgomery

Welcome to Brook Cherith Ministries!


Thursday 31 December 2015

Happy New Year from Brook Cherith Ministries!

A Series of Sermons on the Book of Jude has been posted on the One Voice page.  Be sure to visit and download these!  

Saturday 25 January 2014 

The name of this ministry comes from I Kings 17: 3-6. Brook Cherith is where the man of God (Elijah) was both to receive his drink and nourishment.
We, like Elijah, need a place we can go to find nourishment in the time of this drought.
We claim no special gifts or abilities, just the unadulterated Word of God and words of encouragement. We will provide tapes, short writings, CD's of our preaching and singing etc..
These tapes and CD's have been compiled for over 40 years.
The focus is on giving God the glory and showing man his true position as a helpless sinner.
BROOK CHERITH MINISTRIES endeavors only to magnify the Sovereign Lord in an age when HE is mocked, ridiculed, disbelieved and disobeyed.
Prayerfully, the light of this ministry can shine upon you in this darkened time