December 2021:

Dear friends,

Another year is almost gone and we are closer HOME than ever before.  We have both survived the Covid 19 virus, for which we thank our most Gracious God.  So many of our dear friends and loved ones have departed this old earth for their eternal reward.  Although we miss each one, we rejoice that they have run their race and finished well.

God is blessing in many ways, Brook Cherith website is up and running and many sermons and videos have been added to the collection.  We invite you to search the website for information which may be of help.  We are still actively producing CD's and mailing them monthly.  We're thankful for this opportunity, and we thank YOU for being a part of Brook Cherith, whether you support us monetarily or with prayers, both are desired and appreciated.  

We are now the great grandparents of eleven precious children.  My! How God has blessed.  Six of them live about eight hours drive from us, three live here in Tennessee, (one lives with us, Bryson,) and two are in Florida.

God continues to open doors for preaching the Word and we are thankful God keeps us healthy to be on the road.  Our nation seems to be in a downward spiral, and we know the coming of our Lord for His bride will be soon.  America has turned its back on God and God will judge us accordingly.  The administration is disgraceful and embarrassing; inflation is worse than I can remember in my 78 years.  The Wuhan virus had riddled our land and the world; weather irregularities, unrest on every hand, and the church is seeing a great falling away.  Could it be that the coming of our Lord for His church is indeed imminent?

The list is truly long, yet the promise of our Lord is true "..... in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer I have overcome the world."  In that promise, I have chosen to rest for the remainder of my days, for we in Him are also overcomers!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Bro. Larry and Ginger


Pics of the Great GrandBabies...